Let’s Understand about GitOps

Introduction to GitOps

What is GitOps?

  • Code — Developers can write a code and push it to Git.
  • Build (Pipeline as Code) — Build pipeline code(yaml) in Git to build code using CI tools.
  • Provision (Infrastructure as Code) — Write a terraform file or any configuration management playbook or cookbooks in Git to provision a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Deploy — Write a deployment manifest for Kubernetes or based on the application.
  • Use Git as a source of truth
  • Get version control, history, peer review, and rollback for all your ops code
  • Continuous Delivery- Automates pipelines
  • Webhooks: push to trigger build/test
  • PR’s & merge branch to deploy
  • Infrastructure as a Code — Terraform, Pulumi, CloudFormation.
  • Configuration as a Code — Ansible, Chef, Puppet, salt etc.
  • Application Configuration as Code — Kubernetes, etc.

Basic Principles



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