Managing Kubernetes Resources with Kustomize

  • It is already integrated into the kubectl CLI but the integrated version is normally outdated. Therefore, the standalone binary must be used to benefit from the latest features.
  • It manages variants of resources with overlaying and merging yaml files in a structured way.
  • It provides convenient built-in features to generate common resources like ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • It has built-in transformers to modify resources.
  • It can be extended via a plug-in mechanism.
  • It is possible to dynamically change resources but this is restricted to particular fields of a resource.
  • It only manages the yaml files and does not actively manage the resources in the cluster.


# curl -s ""  | bash
# mv kustomize /usr/local/bin
# kustomize -h
# kubectl kustomize -h

Bases and overlays

  • A base is a directory containing a file called kustomization.yaml, which can enumerate some set of resources with some customizations that will be applied to them. A base should be declared in the resources field of a kustomization file.
  • An overlay is a directory that refers to another kustomization directory as its, or one of its, bases.



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