What is Jfrog Artifactory — its component and Features

2 min readOct 20, 2018


Artifactory is a repository manager created by JFrog. A repository manager is a dedicated server application designed to manage binary components for the application that we build.

Using a repository manager is one of the best practice for using any build tools, whether we use maven, Gradle, or Ant.

How is JFrog differ from GIT hub?

It’s very simple and people do confuse between these two a lot and both serves a totally different purpose from each other.

Git is where your source code resides. Git does all the version control because it can read plain text. Git cannot handle binary files which have no textual context. Although, I don’t want to include Git LFS which is a similar kind of thing, but let’s keep things simple as of now.

Now what to do if you want to handle your binaries? Then comes JFrog Artifactory which is the only universal solution which supports mostly all package managers available in the market. It can connect with your CI environment and do a lot more stuff than just managing your binary repositories.

In short, Git is used for source code and Artifactory is used for the binaries which go with the source code.

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